Greyhound racing is a sports item enjoyed by many across the world. The high action promised by the game and the analytical skills that are required for predicting the winner make ACT greyhound racing hugely popular. Initially greyhound racing was organized purely for the entertainment purposes. But as more people began appreciating the sport, it became better organized. Today there is a licensing body (The Australian Greyhound Racing Association) in Australia that takes care of the welfare of the dogs that are trained to race. AGRA ensures that that the greyhounds that run the race are given adequate attention, food, and medical care.

Origin of the greyhound racing

Greyhounds were used as hunting dogs because of their exceptional speed and agility. The origins of greyhound racing can be traced back to early Roman civilization. But during that time hunting and running were hardly separated. The earliest attempts to train greyhounds to race took place in the late 18th century although the greyhound racing didn’t develop in to a full-fledged game at that time. Greyhound racing became an organized sport in the beginning of 19th century. In the beginning this was a sport enjoyed by the working class males because the greyhound racing tracks were mostly located in the urban locations. Betting on the dogs was popular even then.

In the race, specially trained greyhounds chase a lure around a track until they reach a particular finishing point. These dogs are capable of running up to 45 miles per hour. The dogs are fed, cared, and trained in a special environment. The training of a greyhound begins when it is still a puppy.

In Australia, the interest in ACT greyhound racing was exceptionally increased in the early 1990s. The game became quite popular in other countries like Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, and the UK as well. Around this time people began to discover the entertainment and skill that is required for greyhound betting.

ACT greyhound racing: an opportunity to make big money

Besides the excitement and thrill of the game, the possibility to win big money by placing bets make greyhound racing attractive. There are many professional greyhound races organized in Australia and all of these offer greyhound racing enthusiasts chances to make a lot of cash. The betters analyze the prior records and performances of each of the dogs before placing the bets to increase the possibilities of winning.

Winning the bets requires much more than mere intuition. It involves careful study of the weight of the dog, the track on which the racing is organized, and their trainers. Knowing the trainers who have prepared the dogs for race is as important as knowing the dogs. So it is also important to know the previous records of the trainers to place bets of the right dog.

ACT greyhound racing offer great entertainment value and lots of opportunities to make money. If you are a keen observer of dogs, you will find it real easy to mint money from this greatly entertaining sport.