Watching a good South Australia Greyhound Racing contest in the southern portion of Australia is an enjoyable and unique experience. This is because watching even just a single Greyhound Racing event, as seen in Angle Park, also means getting to eat in a world-class restaurant located just above the main venue. Apart from the restaurant, there is also a bistro as well as a lounge bar here, all of which have been established overlooking the South Australia Greyhound Racing track.

Actually, all of the above amenities are part of a long-term plan of the Adelaide Greyhound Racing Club, Inc., in its aim to introduce improvements on the South Australia Greyhound Racing course so as to make both spectators and bettors generally comfortable. In its early years, the South Australia Greyhound Racing course, located within Angle Park, lacked any major facility which was designed to make the public well at ease while watching a typical South Australia Greyhound Racing event.
However, with the passage of a law in the South Australian legislature in 1971, South Australia Greyhound Racing eventually experienced significant improvements, particularly in terms of better facilities for both the racing greyhounds as well as the participating bettors. The Adelaide Greyhound Racing Club, Inc., was given this momentous task when it was first established sometime in April 1972.
The club at the time began with the creation of several facilities having a complete line of betting options. This enabled gamblers to enjoy the South Australia Greyhound Racing feature and at the same time avail of a number of betting styles through which they can make substantial wins. In the years that followed, focus was given towards improving Angle Park for the sake of the general public.

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